Tuesday, February 16, 2010

First Time at Bat

Well, Valentine's weekend was a big weekend for FlashBack Pics. It was our first time to make our appearance at an event. We participated in Murray's 25th Home, Garden and Farm Show and for beginners we feel we did well. People were interested in our product and even more surprised that we were doing the entire assembly of our pieces in house. We found that several teachers really enjoyed what we had to offer for schools and classrooms so we are hoping this opens new doors of opportunity to help give parents a product they can cherish forever of their child. We have our second show coming up the last weekend of the month, we will be dealing with a different audience at this show...... Brides! Yes, one of the most memorable moments of our lives our wedding! We will be attending the Murray Bridal Show to let brides see how easy it is to create such a timeless and personal piece of art. If you haven't downloaded our software I encourage you to do so because, it fun, easy and addictive once you start. Stay tuned for new discounts and ideas we have to offer from FlashBack Pics!

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